National History Club Cobb Chapter Constitution



We, the members of the Cordova Cobb local Chapter, in order to engage lovers of history with both stimulating academic activity and excursions to places of local historical importance, hold a gathering place for these men and women of cobb county, in an attempt to support those in the local community of the county who field themselves in the preservation of any and all forms of history, be they in museums, monuments, exhibits, landmarks, or of any other such medium, hereby ordain and establish this constitution for the Cordova Cobb local Chapter of Digital Time Dynamics for Cobb County, Georgia.

Article 1

The name of this chapter of the National History Club shall be the Cordova Cobb local Chapter

Article 2

All Middle school and High School students who are interested in the history of the world, as well as our counties local history, are eligible to join.

Article 3

Section 1. The Officers of the club shall be the President, Vice President, General Secretary, President-elect, Marketing Officer, Seniority Officer, and the Club Historian.

Section 2. The President’s duties shall be: to preside over the meetings, approve the committee applications, perform other duties proper to the office, and groom the President-elect to run the club. The president's main duty shall be to organize the ideas of the club members into a proper meeting plan for future events and activities. The President may only hold one term, a year, throughout the duration of their time in the club.

Section 3. The Vice-President shall preside over meetings in the absence of the President, and shall act as the advisor to the president, and will assist in organizing meetings.

Section 4. The Seniority Officer shall act as the highest level of advisor to the Officer’s Bureau, the duties of the Seniority Officer is to oversee that a meeting runs efficiently and that there are no infractions to the constitution. Only those of the highest seniority of the club may apply to be the Seniority Officer. If need be, such as in the case that all senior members already occupy Officer positions, the Bureau may function without a Seniority Officer.

Section 5. The General Secretary shall manage all proper records of the meeting, shall manage attendance, act as scribe during meetings, and shall conduct most of the correspondence of the club. The General Secretary must also assist in the needs of the Marketing Officer.

Section 6. The Marketing Officer’s duty shall be to promote the club and act as the main organizer of recruiting activities. All proposals for marketing events must be approved by the president and must be submitted in any documented form.

Section 7. The Club Historian shall be in charge of keeping photographic records of events for scrapbooking purposes and will keep any records of club activities found in newspapers.

Section 8. The President-elect’s duties are to learn from the sitting president and the Seniority Officer on how to run the club. The President-elect will only hold this position during the transitionary period between the election of the President-elect and the inauguration.

Section 9. All roles of treasury shall be managed by a trusted representative of the parent charter company. This position will also have the duty of acting as the coordinator for activities for all actions that require the need of a legal adult.

Article 4

Section 1. The President must be elected by the club members. Elections must be held in a separate meeting during the month of November. In order to be accepted as a viable candidate for the presidency, the candidate must have a running mate who would ascend to Vice-President if elected, as well as a nomination by any club member. The Candidate with the most votes will become the President-Elect and the running mate will continue to hold any previous position held. The President-Elect will succeed the previously elected president in the February meeting and must appoint a new Officer’s Bureau.

Section 2. Officers shall be appointed by the president based on those who submitted applications. The approved officer candidates will be appointed every February Meeting by the newly inaugurated President.

Section 3. No Officer may hold the same position in succession.

Section 4. Grades must be kept up by every officer, and no officer may miss out on 3 consecutive meetings. In this case, the president may open the position up to the members and accept new applications and appoint new replacement officers. If a position must be filled due to necessity, The president, Vice President, General Secretary, or Seniority Officer may take over the role temporarily until a new member succeeds the position.

Section 5. All resignations from Officer positions must be submitted in writing to the president.

Article 5

Meetings shall be held every 3rd Friday of every month, with the exceptions of any conflicts in scheduling or weather.

Article 6

May these bylaws be amended at any point from this point on as long as the following procedure is followed: During any regular meeting, any officer suggests that a single bylaw is amended, if a two-thirds majority votes in favor of the change, the policy will go into effect next meeting.



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