The National History Club

history-channel-logo1.pngWelcome to the Cobb Local Chapter of The National History Club


 Watch our recent public presentation. The Cobb County NHC 9/11 commemoration event. Click here to watch

 Are you passionate about History? Then you are in the right place.

 My name is Arturo, I am a junior in high school with a passion and appreciation for History. History to me is the study of the mistakes of humans in the past as well as their successes. I believe, when people are educated on the subject of the past and thoroughly understand why and how events happened, we can spot the warning signs of disaster and avoid making the same mistakes in the future. I enjoy exploring all kinds of History, ancient, modern, foreign and domestic. I welcome you to join our local chapter and take advantage of a wide variety of opportunities for history buffs.

 The NHC helps students like us with a passion for History. This is why I decided to start a local National History club.

 Thanks to the National History Club, it’s individual sponsors, organizations and over 60 colleges we will have access to a variety of local and national programs such as National History Day, The Concord Review and the Veterans History Project to name a few. Membership gains you access to a variety of programs, books and opportunities to grow your knowledge and passion for history. Our access to the History Channel network includes but not limited to some of the following programs.

 -Tri-annual eNewsletter featuring lots of interesting chapter accounts.

-Monthly eBlast featuring announcements and offers from history organizations throughout the country, including free history book offers through HarperCollins Publishers.

-"History Student of the Year" award (autographed history book given to one recipient in each chapter.) - Co-sponsored by Mount Vernon.  John Rhodehamel's George Washington: The Wonder of the Age was the prize for Spring 2018.

-National Advisor of the Year

-History Club of the Year (ten recipients) - Plaques of recognition sent to Clubs and also a free year's subscription to The Concord Review.

-Lessons of Leadership Contest - Co-sponsored with The HBE Foundation. $5,000 in prizes to Club members who write the best essay or create the best website/documentary on a historical figure and his/her leadership through a time of crisis.

-National History Scholars Society (for students maintaining B or higher GPA in at least one honors history class, 2+ years in History Club, and recommendation by Advisor. All students receive honor cords to wear at graduation --- modest fee applies for the cords).


Join us today and begin exploring all kinds of History: Ancient, Modern, Foreign and Domestic.

Our club is open to all Middle and High School students. Yearly membership is $25 per person.

 Regular club member meetings take place the third Friday of each month from 7:00pm-9:00pm (virtually for now) as well as special event gatherings, including presentations to the general public, as determined by the History Club Leaders.