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Hello, My name is Arturo. My love for Social Studies is a series of roads that led me to one destination; where I am now. From looking at different maps as a young child, I always wanted to know why different maps changed based on the dates. Soon I discovered that each country had a history, and I wanted nothing more than to know as much as I could.

 Every social studies class in elementary and middle school were a blast to take. As a Freshman in high school, I got the opportunity to take AP Human Geography, which would become my favorite class. At the end of it, I scored in the top 5 highest grades in the class and earned a 5 on my AP Exam.

 I love the study of social studies and I want no more than to share that feeling with people with the same eagerness as me. During our tutoring sessions I will work directly with you to help you understand the material from your social studies class and aid you with your upcoming assignments.



 A review of your tutor:

 I had the pleasure of teaching Arturo Cordova in my Honors World History course this past year. Arturo displays tremendous aptitude and passion for history. In class, Arturo was a very active participant - always asking questions and making meaningful contributions to classroom discussions. Additionally, outside of the classroom I'm aware that Arturo regularly engaged discourse of a historical nature with his peers, challenging one another to consider a variety of historical perspectives. I believe Arturo would be a great addition to any organization rooted in history and historical thinking. Additionally, Arturo would serve as a very capable tutor in social studies for those wishing to improve their thinking and study habits related to social studies and critical thinking.

 Best of luck!

Leland C. Wilson Ed.S.

Social Studies Department

Assistant Boys Varsity Basketball Coach

Harrison High School