As co-founder, I have cultivated resources from across the country to develop programs intended to help you meet the challenges of these times. Since starting at Boston University in 1993, and spending the next 20+ years in IT deploying and managing robust solutions for global companies from conception, through implementation, to operational status. I have learned the importance of a good mentor, and know they can be found in many walks of life. I've asked some of them to share their wisdom with you here. Whether you are preparing to advance from your current position or have recently entered a new phase of your career, Digital Time Dynamics has programs and services suited to help you and your business grow.                                                                                 

Melissa Cordova



 The concept of Digital Time Dynamics was formed in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. We are a group of Business professionals, parents and hobbyists who began exploring ways to contribute to the social, emotional, and academic growth of our children. As the ideas began to flow and members of all ages became engaged, we realized no matter how old you are, everyone needs opportunities to grow their imaginations, skills and socialize. Here at Digital Time Dynamics, our objective is a shared one, in which we will offer resources for all ages. Our goal is extending to you a wide range of online learning and creative experiences for your enjoyment, as well as knowledge and skills enhancement. From personal enrichment/educational videos, podcasts, and online classes to audio books our mission is to keep everyone connected.We welcome you to stay connected and enjoy our community-based learning programs for all ages at home and around the globe.




A special thanks to Business Bulldog for their guidance and support in the development and establishment of Digital Time Dynamics.

CEO Bob Griffin has been in franchising and small business leadership for more than two decades. From entrepreneurship to franchising Bob and his team will work with you on decision making, sales/marketing development, and growth planning. To learn more about how your small business and franchise could benefit from having a trusted adviser we invite you to visit https://businessbulldog.com/

 We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Bob’s latest publication of “The Prom King bought a Franchise”. This witty book is a must-read. Laugh and learn the system to success as you journey back to your high school years where you will quickly identify “How the characters you met in high school have followed you into Franchising.”